gnuplot demo plots

Gnuplot comes with a large collection of demonstration plots. You can step through these interactively by typing the command below in gnuplot's demo/ directory — it should be part of your installation, otherwise get it from the source code archive or file-by-file from the git repository.
    gnuplot> load "all.dem"

Hint: you can get a single big postscript file of all the demo plots by the following sequence of commands

    gnuplot> set terminal postscript color solid
    gnuplot> set output ""
    gnuplot> load "all.dem"

Indexed online versions of the demos are available by clicking below:

Version 5.0 demos Version 5.2 demos Development demos

External collections of gnuplot graphs

Gnuplot in daily use

Gnuplot in publications

Number of publications and books using graphics produced by gnuplot cannot be enumerated — there are really so many, mainly in scientific works. Maybe just few, which are freely available on the web:
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