Helping you with gnuplot

Immediate help is available inside gnuplot via the "help" command. The complete contents of the user manual for version 5 are available as a PDF document. here and distributed with the program itself. Although we realize that usenet its newsgroups are very old-style, nevertheless the newsgroup remains active. You can access it directly or via Google Groups or some other aggregation service. The gnuplot project site on SourceForge has several associated mailing lists that are mostly oriented towards developers but also see some general discussion and question answering.

There is also a Support Request section on gnuplot's project site, but it is not followed as closely as the mailing lists or newsgroup.

The developers' mailing is at is suitable for issues related to building and developing gnuplot.


Several books on gnuplot are available.

Tutorials and learning gnuplot

See also the gnuplot tutorial and gnuplot reference card available in its documentation.

Localized learning pages about gnuplot

Gnuplot pages in Chinese: Gnuplot pages in Czech: Gnuplot pages in French: Gnuplot pages in German: Gnuplot pages in Indonesian: Gnuplot pages in Italian: Gnuplot pages in Japanese: Gnuplot pages in Portuguese: Gnuplot pages in Slovak:

Miscellaneous articles on the web

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